SPACES Website and Letter of Support

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SPACES, a website that aims to document and archive art environments around the world has created a page on their website devoted to The Last Resort. The director of spaces, Jo Farb Hernández also pledged support for The Last Resort in a letter the Marin County Board of Supervisors. See the letter here.

Le Grand Pissour

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Jim Edelhauser & Cecile Lelievre have put together a short film documenting Le Grand Pissour. Watch it here.

David Lee Hoffman CCTV (China Central Television) Segment

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This beautiful short film on David Lee Hoffman was cut from a CCTV series. See it here.

Producer/Director: Weimin Zhang
Cinematographer: Pedro Gomez; Andrew Marson
Sound: Aubrey Moody
Editor: Andrew Marson


Planeta Twenergy Feature

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The website Planeta Twenergy features examples of sustainable design from around the planet. Correspondent Susana Pinar visited The Last Resort and put together a great short film documenting life at The Last Resort. See it here.

Letter of Support from Sim Van der Ryn

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Sim Van der Ryn, an acknowledged leader in sustainable architecture pledged his support for The Last Resort in a letter to the Marin County Board of Supervisors. See the full letter here.

Marin TV Program “Seriously Now” segment on THE LAST RESORT

“Seriously Now”, a Marin TV Program, “show-casing local news, events and the panoramic beauty of Marin County”, has a segment on THE LAST RESORT.

Watch here.

Rick Raznikov writes about THE LAST RESORT

Rick Raznikov has written an article about THE LAST RESORT on his blog.

NBC News Segment on The Last Resort

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Joe Rosato Jr. of NBC News has written an article and aired a segment on NBC News

Marin Independent Journal Editorial in support of The Last Resort

WE HOPE Marin Supervisor Steve Kinsey can find a way to resolve Lagunitas artisan David Lee Hoffman’s county permit problems.

Hoffman’s backyard creations are supposed to be models of sustainability. His efforts also have created run-ins with county enforcement officials.

Kinsey hopes he can work with Hoffman and county staff to come up with a compromise where the 68-year-old Hoffman can bring his creations up to county codes and reduce his numerous fines “to a more manageable amount.” An administrative law judge has ordered Hoffman to pay $226,000 in county fines and to tear down the 30 or so structures he built as models of sustainable living. The judge threw the book at Hoffman. [Read more…]

Business Insider article on The Last Resort

 Mandi Woodruff from Business Insider has written an article about The Last Resort