April 2020: Court Update

To all who came to the Courtroom last Thursday, March 12th –

Thank you

…for taking time out of your busy life

…for flying in the face of caution with the Virus all around

…for patiently sitting through hours of our judicial system upholding the law

…for believing in The Last Resort


I heard it mentioned more than once, had not Ann Draper, a local practicing attorney of 45 years not stepped in at the 11th hour, the judge would have declared GAME OVER and I would have become just another statistic in the growing world of homelessness. Ann took time away from her busy schedule, worked her butt off to get up to speed, showed up in court, and did it all Pro Bono because she believed this whole situation is a gross injustice. Ann succeeded in obtaining a 45 day extension and, at least temporarily, blocking the judge from demolishing the property back to a single family residence, putting it on the market, and sold to pay off the million-dollar debt to the County.


Thank you Paul Seaton and The Lagunitas Project Board Members who continue to work to find a way to preserve my legacy.


Special thanks to A.J. Marson and Matt who have videotaped the court proceedings and have made it available for viewing.

Password: hearing




Read my March 2020 Newsletter below for great stories and information about wonderful tea selections.


More to come…

Stay healthy all and keep that bug out of your lungs,



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