Update October 2, 2015

Update October 2, 2015

It was a slam dunk for the County of Marin. Over in ten minutes. I wasn’t questioned nor allowed to speak or even able to present an additional 700 new signatures from the online petition just received this past week calling for a cooperative plan.


The County appointed Receiver was approved by the Judge and has officially taken over the control of my property. What that specifically means, we will have to see. My attorney, Paul Smith, did get some of the original language of the court order changed to soften the likelihood of the receiver taking my house keys and throwing me off my property.

So for now, I’m still here. We’ll keep you posted as events unfold…

In any case, I am so touched and appreciative of the overwhelming response in support of The Last Resort. Thank you thank you thank you! This in itself gives me hope for the future. Many of you have taken the time and energy to write such beautiful letters. We will begin putting some of these up on the website (after first receiving the author’s permission) sometime next week.

With deep gratitude,

P.S. I only learned yesterday that it was our Supervisor Steve Kinsey who was pushing for a County appointed receiver to take over my property. He said the “receiver being proposed will help, not hurt, David”. Hmmmm.

If you want to express your views to Kinsey, here’s his email address:

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