David Hoffman Letter to Supervisor Dennis Rodoni

The Last Resort
June 3rd, 2019

Dear Supervisor Rodoni,

Thank you again for meeting with me. I greatly appreciated your making time for discussing the situation at the Last Resort and wanting to help us move to a resolution in the best interests of all concerned.

We both know the history of the situation, and agree that mistakes were made. And we both agree that the current situation with the Receiver will not take us to a satisfactory conclusion.

As Supervisor, you are in a position to help move us to a more positive path, and anything you can do to make that happen would be most welcome.

I implore you to write a letter to the Court making concrete suggestions on how the situation can best be resolved. Please use any of the points made below.

My next court date with Judge Haakenson is this Friday, June 7th at 9 a.m, Courtroom F. It would certainly help our situation to have a positive letter from you to show the judge. Many of our supporters are also anxious to hear your position.

While I respect the need for legal representation, after having nine attorneys represent me without success, I am representing myself. Having spent more than $500,000 onlegal fees, the situation is not resolved.

I am proposing a new approach:

  • I admit my responsibility for past violations and will renegotiate all outstanding fines, penalties and taxes to make a reasonable payment plan to the County over aperiod of years.
  •  As you know, a non-profit corporation, The Lagunitas Project, has been established to create a “Regional Environmental Model for Sustainable and Harmonious Living” as a way to continue my vision for a sustainable environment and benefit the Marin community and beyond.
  • The non-profit received seed funding which has allowed the organization to hire professional staff, develop a strategic plan, and create a capital campaign to meet the County’s requirements.
  • With your help in securing the future of The Last Resort, I believe we can create a new path to resolution without the oversight of the Receiver.
  • Once all the legal details are in place, I will sign ownership of the property to The Lagunitas Project and they will work directly with the County.
  • We will also seek to reinstate the property with the historical significance as was voted by the Marin County Architectural Commission.

We hope a commitment to the points above will settle all legal issues and ensure the continued existence of my life’s work!


David Lee Hoffman, CDO

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